Nov 8 2009

From You

ImagingSelf-RoseMessage by N. Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner (c)

Imagining Self: Rose Message
By N. Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner

How do you imagine Self? Life’s history is like a feather being blown along in the wind where one is not merely defining but creating meaning, inventing a record of distinctions – the myth of freedom and escape – imagining Self.

The world, a mimicry of assumptions where one wishes to be valued, wishes to be cherished. The world, a place where one can barely find the history of meanings, where one’s self-perceptions are hardly valid. Is all there is material inscriptions where no one looks beyond to the written?

Art is an activity crucial to self identity and liberal humanist belief, a barrier against those who would deny validity of Self.

Oct 6 2009

From You

(c) Photograph by Deborah Cottrell

Self poem by Deborah CottrellPoem & Photograph by Deborah Cottrell

Jul 31 2009

From You

What is self?

A question often asked; especially at the annual convention of Existentialists in South Bend, Indiana.

Often, the speaker will announce into the microphone “What  is Salt” – misreading the teleprompter.

After an awkward silence their aunts and cousins from Des Moine will applaud in a friendly ritual of ackowledgment that suggests the statement is quite insightful.

Unfortunately for the speaker there is usually some random quasi-intellectual in the back who shouts, “What is Salt? Sodium Chloride, you idiot! What in the world does that have to do with self?”

Causing the speaker to rush down the aisle in a blind rage; security gets involved and we still have not figured out “What is Self.”

Typical human behavior.

Returning to the podium, the speaker will restart with “My apologies for the interruption. Where was I at?”

“What is Salt,” he posits, trying not to admit his earlier mistake.

“Salt is … a spice in various cooking traditions. It is often used to flavor … a baked potato … or a dish of vegetables. It tastes good and I personally love salt on just about anything.”

“Although my wife claims I should cut back because of my high blood pressure.”

“But that brings me to my point. My high blood pressure, my salt intake.”

“That is about myself. Not my wife’s … self.”

“So what is self if not a damn good baked potato with sour cream and chives and bacon pieces and maybe some grated cheddar cheese.”

“Preferably Tillamook.”

“So, in conclusion, if I … my … self … had that baked potato ready to go, I would add a generous smattering of salt to it – wife be damned – and retire to the TV den to enjoy myself.”

“Oh. On a historical note. Long ago there was a story by The Bible about a woman; a ruthless woman who turned herself into a pile of salt. Or so the story goes.”

“There are various versions of that myth. All show that ‘self’, throughout history, has been linked to salt.”

“Thus, I posit, what is ‘self’?”

“Salt is ‘self’”

“Thank you, good night, and I shall make myself available for autographs of my new book at the signing table in the lobby.”

“Please remember that every day you should question ‘what is salt?’ … or even ‘what is self’!

(from Aaron Voorhees)

Jul 29 2009

From You

I am…
Gracefully stepping…
one foot before the other…
trusting with each step I will find a new sense of strength, balance, insight…
slowly, confidently, I place one foot before the other…
I choose to trust the loving voice within…
one foot before the other…
I surrender…
I am…

(from Emily Paul)

May 12 2009

Writing from the bathroom wall at the “What is Self?” show


Division of input (outside self) v. Inner (self)

Reno 22 (Tiffany Deleon & Kenton Wise) is Self

Awareness Reflecting the World

Self is Spirit. Timeless, omnipresent, eternal. Self is TRUTH, the known and the unknown

self is green

Self is what’s left when you remove ish

(with a handprint) what you leave behind

Self is a word

Self is a flower from a previous incarnation blossoming again in a new garden

self is constancly mutating


elusively ever present


self is the unique little bit that never does change

a traveler on a journey

…self is not you at your worst moments….

I think self does include the worst moments, self is the TOTALITY & I no longer deny that part

self is the INNER YOU

is your preference

Mysterious & Mundance

Knowledge, Allows, Self, Imporovement

What is Self – Never 4 Getting Who U Are

Self is Dual, Like the Dual Nature of Nature

Self is life with a glue stick

specks & spectrums

self is the sum of your experiences

Sacred & Profane

Opening your mind but leaving your judgement in the toliet – then flushing

an infinite heart!

Self is You & Me


Self is feeding

Self is everything and nothing!


Self is a bed…make it.

Self is…when? who?why? how? only if open up yourself…self

I eye

Self is the Elf + S

“What we do for self we do for others.”

Laila, Nina, Ava, Dad, Mom

Creating a Reaslistc Me Embracing Now

Self is wonderful & pure essence

Self is an evolution

Mar 20 2009

From You

Each human being is a consort of multitudes,

each archetype manifesting in turn as to

situation, relationship, and experiential history.

Yang scientist philosopher,

yin playful artist,

transcendent poet mystic—

which am I at this

moment, here, with you?

(by Debra Jan Bibel at Studio Lone Mountain)

Mar 18 2009

From You

When all is said and done, this is what I think the core self is — the only part that is indestructible:  “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us.” – Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart

But there are other parts of the self that are not the core, and on most days, in most lives, those are the parts that matter more. They are the parts we create and expand by pursuing what gives us pleasure, inspiration, joy, and fulfillment. And they are the parts that know sadness, anger, and fear. Your most electric joy and most protected fear come from these places, these parts of your self.

Most of that can be diminished and even destroyed, however, so it is worth knowing, worth seeing clearly from every angle, even worth cherishing what fills that space, giving it color, texture, shape, shadow and sparkle. There is no way to know what will later appear in its place, what the new parts will look like, feel like, sound like, what they will seek, know, protect, offer, need.

Most of the self is malleable; like any living thing, it reacts to the conditions that surround it, and helps create the conditions that surround it.  It expands and contracts, sometimes quickly, sometimes so gradually it is imperceptible. Its movement is not entirely predictable, but not entirely mysterious either, if you pay attention.

But the core self does not change, cannot be changed, and cannot be destroyed. And you may only see it and know it after everything else has been annihilated.

I think it is good that on most days, in most lives, everything else matters more.

(by Perrin)

Mar 15 2009

From You

Self ~

ponders the silver sliver of moon
absorbs spring sunshine
invents toys

cooks everyone’s meals
cleans other people’s clothes
covets music

laughs about love
mourns lost love
peers thru the lens at other selves

treats poverty pain and shame as shameful
drums into a new way
adores the green buds of fruit trees in march

revels in chocolate
puts on make-up
gets to work late

captures her shadow
builds wooden shelves
tears up old journals

lives life anew every moment

(by Leanne Grossman)

Mar 5 2009

Call for Art & Writing

Shadow Self 12

What is Self? Share your art & writing on this topic on-line and/or at the upcoming exhibition on May 8, 9 and 10th in Oakland, CA.

Artists: click here for details and submission guidelines.

Writers: click here for details and submission guidelines.

Everyone can participate: click here to find out how.