What is SELF? The SELF that is the basis of your existence. The SELF that makes you a part of this world.

Isn’t it an irony that we know so much about stars and galaxies existing millions of light-years away, but nothing about our own existence?

There cannot be anything more important to the mankind than the SELF, as it is the basis of all human existence.

Yet, its nature has been one of the biggest mysteries of the mankind.

The mystery to understand how the SELF remains the same throughout a person’s lifetime, when his physical body, memory, emotions, etc. keep changing.

The mystery to understand how can the SELF, which one cannot see, hear, touch or taste, control a person’s life by controlling his thoughts, attention, behaviour, personality, etc.

To satisfy the inquisitive nature of the human mind for thousands of years, some of the greatest minds have explained the SELF using the process of introspection based on reasoning driven by feelings and perceptions.

What is Self? is an intense 90 minute interactive online session in which I reveal how mechanisms running in your brain are responsible for the emergence of your SELF.

It is entirely driven by the logic of natural selection proposed by Charles Darwin in the year 1859.

It demonstrates that mechanisms in your brain are sufficient to explain your existence.

As it is a totally new approach to understand the SELF, it may be effortful for many. To make up for the same, I have used simple logic to explain the SELF in a step-by-step manner. I have also included examples and analogies to make it easy for non-technical people who have interest and are ready to make the necessary effort to understand it.

Other than the effort, no prior knowledge of any subject is required to understand it

Duration: 90 minutes

Type: Interactive online session

Platform: Zoom

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