An interactive online session with
Parag Jasani
Author, Mechanisms of the Mind

This session reveals how mechanisms running in your brain are responsible for emergence of your "self".

In particular, it explains how the self, which is not visible, does not weigh anything, does not smell or occupy space controls your life by controlling your thoughts, attention, behaviour, personality, etc.

It also explains how the self persists throughout the lifetime of a person when his physical body, thoughts, memories, etc. keep changing.

Although science does not explain it, all other explanations of the nature of self available today are based on beliefs and faith.

This session is neither driven by beliefs, ideas, opinions, faith, etc., nor by a theory or a hypothesis.

It is entirely driven by the step-by-step logic of natural selection proposed by Charles Darwin in his book "On the Origins of Species – By Means of Natural Selection".

It demonstrates that mechanisms in the brain are sufficient to explain your existence.

It also resolves thousands of years old mysteries like consciousness and free will.

It uses what is known as "Systems Thinking" approach, which is a new approach to decode functional mechanisms that reveal the nature of the self.

No prior knowledge of any subject is required to understand it

Platform: Zoom

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